Scoop Design Redesign

Scoop.Design was my starting point for coding and learning about websites. The initial site was a rudimentary HTML / CSS site, coded from scratch on my lunch breaks. This gave me a great grounding in how to build websites.

Eventually after the second redesign – this time with a more concise branding used on the refreshed site – I realised I needed to create an easily editable site using a content management system to save me having to the main .index file for every single change.

Having looked at several different platforms and options, I settled on moving over to WordPress, to give me experience using one of the biggest CMS on the market. The decision would later become beneficial for starting the Fortune & Glory online shop.

With the new site – I wanted a fresher look as well.

The name came from my early days at the Shetland Times as a reporter, and while the previous branding had been the most extensive and comprehensive, in the space of two years it had quickly become no longer representative of my skills or style – now needing significant finessing.

Initially the designs continued playing on the ice cream concept. Having tried to reposition the existing branding in a different way I quickly realised the core mark needed to be streamlined into fewer lines. This greatly improved legibility on a smaller scale, and the bold lines that emerged from this tied in well with the new solid Futura typeface that replaced the slab.

The principle colour palette from v2 had always somehow lacked the punch it was intended to have. Replacing these colours with a brighter colour selection also helped me distance myself a little bit further from the print designer of a few years before – now these colours properly worked online, having been designed for screen first.

The final branding translated well to printed media as well, with a raised gloss coating being selectively added to business cards gave the digital aesthetic of the website a tactile context for the first time. A minimal design on one side, the business cards were printed to have a three colour variant logo mark on the other depending on the card.

Click the following links to see the previous versions of Scoop.Design

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