Fortune & Glory – Shield Logo

Fortune and Glory came out of a need to create high spec designs for products to showcase new skills and continuing to learn and develop as a designer.

Fortune and Glory initially started as a tag I’d put against certain ideas and designs in my sketchbook. The eventual transition to an apparel brand happened after making a block print for a t-shirt.

Having spoken about making t-shirts for a while, the ideas gradually started merging into one larger concept.

Even at this stage the focus wasn’t so much about selling an end product, more about branding this new side project from the ground up – including designing / building a site, swing tags, packaging and then the apparel itself.

One of the most important aspects of the F&G branding had to be a central logo, that could be robust enough to be used in a variety of different ways alongside various typefaces and illustrations. In a nut shell – I knew the brand had to have a logo that would have to be used across all the branding, neck tags, packaging but wouldn’t be able to be customised beyond the final design.

So with this in mind and having a pretty self prescribed brief, I set about making – forging a logo mark that would act as the lynchpin for the brand, and tie several logos together.

The biggest difficulty around this project though was designing for myself. This meant that it had to be 100% spot on, which took the quest for the perfect mark to several months and several dozen ideas.

Over time I settled on a shield shape, with the letters and ampersand linking together in a design that took inspiration from brands like DC Shoes, Vans, Element and Famous Stars and Stripes.

A noice and chunky logo mark, that formed the foundations for the brand to be built on, making the following designs a lot easier to arrive at.

Further down the line, the next big F&G branding project will be rolling out the packaging I’ve been dreaming of.

For now though – Fortune & Glory is acting as a spectacular learning curve of an e-commerce experiment – but more importantly, the brand is acting as a fantastic staging ground and creative outlet for showcasing designs and ideas.

Skills: Fortune & Glory, Portfolio